Portrait Painting in Watercolor

Portrait Painting in Watercolor      Информация:
Название: Portrait Painting in Watercolor
Автор: Charles Reid
Год издания: 1989
Издательство:  Watson-Guptill
ISBN: 0823041921
Страниц: 154
Качество: хорошее
Размер: 15.89 Мб
Формат файла: DjVu
Язык: английский

     От издателя 
     This is one of the most sought after books on watercolor portraiture. Reid suggests the face and still gets a likeness. He leaves something for the viewer to fill in and be a part of the painting. It takes practice and intuition to bring out the aritists innate intuitive abilities expressed on paper. Reid shows step by step how he approaches his subject. He focuses on contrast and value and immediacy to give the painting life and spontaniety. A valued book to read over and over.

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