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Concept Design: Works from Seven Los Angeles Entertainment Designers

Concept Design: Works from Seven Los Angeles Entertainment Designers      Информация:
Название: Concept Design: Works from Seven Los Angeles Entertainment Designers
Автор: H. Belker
Год издания:  2003
Издательство: Design Studio Press
ISBN: 097266761X
Страниц: 192
Качество: хорошее
Размер: 25.21 MB
Формат файла: pdf
Язык: English

     От издателя 

In every form of artistic expression there is passion, and a need to tell a story, convey an idea, or project an ideal. To be in a position to express these concepts and have the tools and foresight to communicate parallel to, or beyond one's vision, is the goal of every artist. It is in the drive of the artist where the vision receives a soul, and in the manipulation of materials where it acquires a body.
Society is often measured by the level of sophistication captured in its artistic expression, and can serve as the scale from which its path is plotted. This quest to keep moving forward, not content to rest too long in the imagery and visions of those before, is what keeps the wheels of innovation and collective development spinning.
It is a course that while fanning and extending outward like the branches of an
immense tree always has roots referring back to its origin.
The visions of worlds, tools, spaces, and methods of conveyance not yet known, are all part of the internal dialogue of the concept artist. It is this ability to step outside of one's present condition and provide a voice to the hypothetical future that places them in a distinct position; one where their understanding of echnology, expression of art and method of communication result in the objects and environments that provide influence on modern societies' daily experience. In the end, artis role is not to be amusing either for the artist or the audienceOitis to interpret life, in the past, the presentoand the future.

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