The Best of Business Card Design 7

The Best of Business Card Design 7      Информация:
Название: The Best of Business Card Design 7
Год издания: 2006
Издательство:  Rockport Publishers
ISBN: 978-1592532209
Страниц: 240
Качество: хорошее
Размер: 16,4 Mb
Формат файла: DjVu
Язык: English

     От издателя 

The Best of Business Card Design series features an innovative collection of the most current and best work by top designers worldwide. Business card design is a very important and common area for the graphic design business, so it is little wonder that each installment in the series is recognized as a high quality resource that is eagerly anticipated by designers.

The Best of Business Card Design 7 is the "go-to" sourcebook for business card design inspiration for 2006 and beyond. This volume contains little text; instead, focusing all its attention on innovative business card designs that push the envelope, showing front, back, and special elements and materials. Professional designers, corporate executives, and in-house marketing departments will seek this unrivaled resource as an essential identity and branding tool.

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