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100 Top Houses from down under

100 Top Houses from down under      Информация:
Название: 100 Top Houses from down under
Автор: Robyn Beaver
Год издания: 2006
Издательство: Images Publishing
Серия/Выпуск: 100 of the best houses
ISBN: 1-86470-141-2
Страниц: 348
Качество: хорошее
Размер: 25.05 MB
Формат файла: DJVU
Язык: English

     От издателя 

Книга содержит 100 проектов лучших архитекторов и дизайнеров Австралии и Новой Зеландии. Представлены городские квартиры, пригородные дома, хижины, жилища прибрежных зон и т.д. Эта книга действительно уникальна, иллюстрируя удивительный океан, прекрасные горы, восхитительный пейзаж, необычное использование местных строительных материалов. Все проекты сопровождаются цветными фотографиями, планами, рисунками деталей.
The 100 projects featured in the following pages represent some of the finest examples of contemporary residences from Australian and New Zealand architects and designers. The projects include award-winners, luxury residences, simple beach shacks, inner-city apartments, rural retreats and suburban family homes, reflecting the way we live, or aspire to live, in the 21st century. That the projects vary so widely is indicative of the enormous variety and originality in the talent and design direction of architects from 'Down Under'.

Although the projects are diverse in size, location, use, ambience, budget and taste, some common themes are evident: a desire to blend with the surrounding landscape; the incorporation of sustainable features; a structural program that divides the home into pavilions', each with a specific use; the inclusion of indoor/outdoor rooms; the incorporation of water; and inventive responses to challenging environments.

The shared characteristics and themes identified throughout this collection of houses might group them into a loosely defined Down Under' aesthetic, but each house stands alone as testament to the skills of an individual architect. As you flip through the following pages, you will agree that the architects and designers of Australia and New Zealand have much to be proud of.

Presented with gorgeous colour photos and plans, as well as contact details for all the architects and designers represented, "100 Top Houses from Down Under" is a fabulous resource book for would-be renovators and dreamers alike.

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