Assassins Creed Limited Edition Art Book

Assassins Creed Limited Edition Art Book      Информация:
Название: Assassins Creed Limited Edition Art Book
Authors: David Hodgson, David Knight
Год издания: 2007
Издательство: PRIMA PUBLISHING; Limited Ed edition
Серия/Выпуск:  Limited Ed edition
ISBN: 978-0761558736
Страниц: 75
Качество: хорошее
Размер: 109 Mb
Формат файла: pdf
Язык: English

     От издателя 
     The Third Crusade is tearing the Holy Land apart. You are an elite Assassin sent to stop the hostilities by suppressing the powers on both the Crusader and Saracen sides. But as you carry out your missions, a conspiracy begins to unfold. You find yourself tangled up in a conflict that threatens not only the Holy Land, but the entire world.

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